Leaving Strathcona

Strathcona is Vancouver's first residential neighbourhood. Over 125 years old, it has been considered one of the seedier part of the city for the last 60 years.

It is a neighbourhood of contrasts. Close-knit neighbours on one side, while others don't even share a common language. High earning professionals and addicts scrounging for their next hit. Elderly immigrants and young hip families.

I learned much about small space gardening from my neighbours here. My neighbours to the west are Cantonese and grow magnificent crops, from greens in an old bathtub to rows of squash and beans growing on lines from their driveway to their second floor balcony. From my neighbour to the east I learned about growing peppers in a white bucket to bounce the light. From local kids I learned that "inspiring kids" does more than "instructing" them. 

It's an education I won't soon forget. 



we define our neighbourhoods 

and our neighbourhoods define us.


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