Everything we believe in is perception, reality only plays a supporting role​

Think about it. Religion is an obvious example, but how much of what you believe in is based on fact? What makes people sexy - is it the person, or how they carry themself? Ok, I'll give you math, but is physics based entirely on facts or, perhaps how we interpret (perceive) those facts.  And don't even start me on diet - when I was 15 we were all eating tons of sodium and bacon while shunning sugar. (Frankly I have yet to get it right) This is why I think it is more important than ever for us to reconnect with our food. I like to use edible flowers as a great demonstration. If you have a regular salad of lettuce, tomatoes and carrots it is fairly tasty but visually bland, Add some borage or pea flowers and it is a whole new experience. Or think of wrapping some asparagus with a pea vine - stunning. I only wish I had thought of it while I had peas.

Every day people are bombarded by thousands of advertising messages. These messages are necessary for our economy and more - it is how we learn about many aspects of our lives, not just what we buy. Greenpeace does ads just like Heinz does. It is how organizations and companies define their brand. They help define our perceptions. 

Food on a plate doesn't stand much of a chance by comparison.